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Phoenix fence AZ offers you an extensive array of access controls and gate automation equipment for your commercial or industrial needs. From wireless access to automated gates in slide, swing, or barrier styles, we have it all.

We can provide easy to use automatic gate systems for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. We install both above ground and below ground hydraulic operators as well as a variety of gate telephone entry systems. Every project is unique and therefore a custom automation package can be designed to best suit the client's needs, specific gate designs and the overall layout of a driveway. For a no obligation quote please call our friendly team today!

We also handle a complete line of residential gate operators that can be used with any of the gates mentioned.

When you want to protect your business, a commercial chain link fence in Phoenix, AZ is a cost-effective option. Chain link fencing requires little to no maintenance, and its durable materials enable you to secure your property without sacrificing quality.

Some of the product features we offer include:

A programmable card reader is also used to provide gate access. Each tenant/owner has his/her own card. The codes can be replaced as cards are lost or as authorized users change. Anti-pass-back programming can prevent card sharing.

We also install a variety of gates, including:

Mechanical and programmable timers
can activate or lockout the operator or other devices at predetermined times, including evenings, weekends and holidays.
Exit loops (open loops)
allow gates to open and for any vehicle to exit without authorization.
Bumper guard posts
(Bollards) are usually concrete filled, galvanized posts to protect the gate operator and other access control equipment. The size depends upon the anticipated traffic. Motorized and crash-rated versions are also available.


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